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Delivering Super Fast, Integrated Telecoms Technology

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Delivering Super Fast, Integrated Telecoms Technology for Your Organisation

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Hightec Group are a very successful construction and home improvement organisation that has grown considerably, from humble beginnings.


Started by Anthony & Martin, Hightec started with just a van and some kit in the roofline home improvement industry.  Replacing wooded fascias, soffits and removing plastic rainwater systems on domestic clients homes with maintenance free uPVC systems.  


As the business developed and after going online with a website and an online pressence from our sister organisation BOS Marketing Solutions, the business really started to take off.


Developing new business sectors required more staff, more vehicles, larger premises and new websites and marketing strategies were put in place. The organisation then found the need for a rock solid, cohesive communications system that linked various in office and out of office staff.  A system that was easy to manage from any location, on any device, from a computer, a mon=bile phone or tablet and one that stopped the need for out of hours answer phones.


Hightec Group use the system where each devision, ie building, electrical etc. can have calls routed to the relevant department, transfer calls and operate their business with minimal fuss, effort and cost.


Hightec Group




Soul Family Records - Record Label & Music Management

Soul Family Records is a small independent record label, managing bands and music artists.


With a small team of staff based in the studio and out scouting talent, the business needed a simple, manage anywhere telecommunication system.


The BOS Switchboard FREE system provides the perfect, low cost telecom system for the business.


Many calls are taken whilst the team are busy recording, mixing and directing music takes and tracks.  The system quietly in the background takes calls, voicemail and even when no voicemail has been left by the caller, the system magically records the date, time and telephone number of the caller, so we never miss a call.


The voicemail to email is fantastic and now with the low cost and unlimited redirect to mobiles means we can be away from the studio, or out of hours scouting bands and artists, whilst still being fully in control of our communications.


BOS Swicthboard FREE is simply the solution for any business communications.


Soul Family Records


Hightec Group - Builiding, Electrical,

Surfacing & Roofline

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See how SwitchboardFREE has helped different types of companies improve their phone handling and transformed their business.

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